23.10.2017 00:10

New Step in Bicycle Technology: BMW Active Hybrid

BMW Active Hybrid bikes are on sale. What are the distinguishing features of BMW Active Hybrid electric bikes? Are the prices certain?

If we are talking about a change in automotive technology, we can talk about the same process of change in almost every means of transport. Electric trolley and bus models, high-speed trains, electric skateboards and electric bicycle technology. Electric bicycles, which have the highest accessibility in all these series, are constantly coming up with a new product. At this point, BMW Active Hybrid bikes are one of the last ones in the lineup. BMW’s achievement in the car world is making a remarkable and next-generation bike with the features of the BMW Active Hybrid that offers bicycle technology.

How does BMW Active Hybrid have the features?

Featuring a stylish and enriched design, the BMW Active Hybrid uses an Aluminum body that is both lightweight and durable. Enriched with the LED lighting system, the BMW Active Hybrid has an electric motor with 250 watts of power. Also the cool engine produces 90 Nm of torque.

BMW ActiveHybrid

The bicycle is located at a distance of 100 km and the maximum speed is 25 km / h. The BMW Active Hybrid is on sale with a sales price of 3500 euros. It is not known how much sales of the BMW Active Hybrid Series will be available, but it is said that it is very interesting.