19.12.2015 20:27

New to minecraft Update!

To update the Microsoft worldwide released for consoles 1.8.8 for Minecraft. Here are the details of Microsoft's update for Minecraft!

The new update with blocks, mobs and biomesin, as well as three new egg for creative mode: ' rabbits ', ' the guardian ', ' endermite '. Is said to be the largest ever Minecraft update and Microsoft will be heard the players ' requests that increased pixel structures of the blocks.

Microsoft, new to Minecraft Climates Added!

Microsoft to Minecraft, ' Deep Ocean ' and ' Roofed Forest ' and two new climate was added to the game. So you can breathe in the water in Deep Ocean potion of newcomers. We find this potion Ocean Dive new added ' the Elder Sadgirvivek ' and ' Ocean Monuments '. the main reason for Us coming to Minecraft features heyecanlandırmasının, not a detailed update of innovations from the superficial. If you can't wait to see the new update, this update you can find the properties for Mojang Store. Before I forget, this update have been published for all consoles except the Wii U.

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