06.02.2016 20:49

New update for whatsapp!

Now completely free continues to develop yourself the WhatsApp. With his latest update whatsapp WhatsApp won the admiration of its users.

At the same time the opportunity to chat with 256 people who are not sure that you will need. But for Android beta updating WhatsApp application with in a group chat you can chat with number of persons have been removed from 100 to 256. Whatsapp group conversation starts this increase can be found in the version of 2.12.437.

You can install this version of Google Play Store as soon as possible, thanks to the 256 persons the opportunity to chat if you want to get the source by clicking on the link, you can download the beta version of the APK Mirror option.

Whatsapp Is Now Completely Free

Whatsapp 99 cents after removing the annual fee currently has become a completely free. Thanks to whatsapp Messenger you can search on the internet, as well as video and can send and receive voice messages and WhatsApp you can perform group chat. If you see messages to you are offline as soon as you open the application, you can see.

In January of 2014 Facebook WhatsApp application 21.8 billion dollars after buying add new features to the application and it managed to update the old features. 256 persons at the same time you have to catch up, but at least it's nice to know you can do this with the beta version of WhatsApp.

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