25.10.2017 01:28

Official Sharing Made for HTC U11 Plus

It was clear when the HTC U11 Plus would be introduced. The official explanation for the introduction of the HTC U11 Plus came from the brand. When will the new model be introduced?

HTC U11 Plus

Having been in a bad period, HTC continues to play its last trump card to re-emerge in the smart phone race. The mobile giant, which has a slightly higher sales volume with its Pixel 2 smartphone production, is now preparing to replace its flagship smartphone models. While the ongoing debate over the long-standing features of the new series of smartphones to be introduced as the HTC U11 Plus has drawn attention, it has begun to be talked about when to introduce the smartphones to be replaced. Now there is an official explanation in this regard. The brand for HTC U11 Plus shared promotional banners from their social media account.

HTC U11 Plus to be introduced in November

The highly anticipated model will be unveiled on November 2nd, according to the banner sharing by the brand for HTC U11 Plus smartphones. In addition to the HTC U11 Plus smartphones that will be introduced in the coming weeks, some surprises may come. We may be confronted with the Life model that will accompany the HTC U11 Plus model. These details will be finalized next week. We also summarized the expected HTC U11 Plus features below.

HTC U11 Plus Expected Features

99 inch screen and 1440 x 2880 resolution value
Snapdragon 835 processor model
4/6 GB RAM options
128 GB storage
12 MP f / 1.7 back camera and 8 MP selfie camera
Android Oreo operating systemHTC U11 Plus

HTC U11 Life Expected Features

2 inch screen and Full HD resolution value
Snapdragon 660 processor
Android Oreo operating system
16 MP rear and 16 MP front camera
2600 mAh battery

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