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OLED-Screened Computer Fashions Begins!

CES introduced in OLED screen computers 2016 fair, bright OLED screen technology is the future. Here's the OLED-screen computers!

Today, a widely used smart devices is OLED technology slowly began to reveal himself and desktop platforms. OLED-screen computer in 2016 models at CES that identifies the beginning of a new fashion brands. So what are the advantages of OLED is the where used?


Organic Light Emitting Diode OLED, which is the abbreviation of the Word Word is our language of organic light emitting diode. This technology is a display technology commonly used today.

What Are The Advantages Of OLED?

OLED technology; low power consumption, lightweight and slim design LCD technology is one of the largest alternative.

OLED Where Is It Used?

Much lighter than LCD technology in today's mobile devices because it is often what we see is that technology is slowly starting to find its own computers.

OLED Screen from HP and Lenovo Computer

The scope of the OLED display at CES 2016 fair 2-in-1 hybrid introducing the PC model HP and Lenovo, have a significant advantage in this market.

13.3-inch OLED screen in x 360 model spectre that HP is already on the market, compared with Spectre x 360 hybrid PC model located in the models much more subtle in design and offers a much sharper image. Lenovo's ThinkPad X 1 Yoga model with OLED Dylan HP's Spectre x 360 model with the same heading on the road.

2016 OLED display technology at CES not only hybrid not on PCs, monitors, too. Dell 30-inch OLED display introduced by full-sized and 1.07 million colors offering UltraSharp 30 Ultra HD 4 k model named among the products of interest of the fair. OLED screen that appeal to the eyes with this monitor was not able to appeal to mobile with price $4,999.

Offering a much better quality image experience stands out compared to LCD technology of OLED-screen much more beautiful than what it appears to be a fact. But it's very expensive and costly technology that's giving big-screen device display technology in a successful market strategy will you see. But for now, we think the OLED screen is early for computers.

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