10.02.2016 20:11

Opera Sold?

The Internet giant Opera sold? Opera offers to cut back. The answer to everyone's question that the Opera sold eagerly waiting for a question.

Unused for decades of Opera and Chrome in a browser before you might think. However, a Chinese group company to buy Opera quite a sum on the table. Silk Road and Golden Brick company that originated in Norway Yonglian investment supported by Kunlun Tech and Qihoo 360 recently confirmed that it had offered of the companies named. If a game company, while Kunlun Tech Qihoo antivirus and web browsers running on it.

How Much Of The Opera To Be Sold?

Opera needs to to buy 1.2 billion Us dollars, or 10.3 billion Norway Kroner upgraded the shares to be offered. Opera's CEO Lars Boilesen said in a statement that the Consortium is a strategic and logical side, particularly Opera, in this way, the Opera's summer of better service to its users and partners from going to provide with innovation, it also to speed up future plans for development, he added.

Opera's answer to this offer. Some news to accept the offer to shareholders of Opera advised's home.

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