13.02.2016 11:42

Quartz, a new app for iOS Activities

What's new for iOS users from mounting quartz! Quartz implementation of Quartz from the news now seems to be much easier and enjoyable.

Quartz, have seen before for iOS application that nothing like your. The application clearly aims to attract the attention of young users and too bright with both design and interactive method for an image. If you are using a iPhone phone we strongly recommend you to try this application.

Quartz Implementation Brings What's Going On?

Quartz implementation looks like basically a messaging application. Log in to the application, they can start to chat with the news. By reviewing the short title that interests you can get more detailed information about or you can switch to the next one. If you select a short explanation obtaining more information accompanying the image of a fun gif file and you will see that, too. You can also access the whole article option in Quartz and flight. Quartz implementation as well as to inform you about important news.

Quartz application is really fun and easily accessible style. It's not very important news of the day passes quickly, resulting in a short pause there was someone in front of you with a feeling of really being created.

Unfortunately, this application does not make use of Android users. Quartz implementation only for iOS users. The plot seems to have started working on the Android version of Quartz application.

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