20.02.2016 23:38

Reduce Firefox RAM Usage Method

Reduce Firefox RAM usage is an issue that many Firefox's. To reduce the use of RAM Firefox RAM usage reduction method!

Firefox is one of the most popular internet browsers. In terms of the speed of the Google Chrome browser is Firefox and sworn in a competition with fast internet browser is become the fate of high RAM usage issue. Rival Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser, although high RAM usage. Reduce Firefox RAM usage is pretty easy compared to Google Chrome browser.

Reduce Firefox RAM Usage

Firefox to solve the problem of high RAM usage first of all you need to start your Firefox browser. After you start your Firefox browser at the address line type about: memory, and then press Enter. After opening the page in question by clicking on the Minimize memory usage you can complete your Mozilla Firefox usage reduction.

After you apply these operations useless on your browser's RAM is cleared and the data that was already pending in your Firefox browser, you can use it with much lower RAM usage.

Reduce Firefox RAM usage this is a best practice that you can apply to the topic. This method is a temporary not permanent solution before I forget. When you feel your RAM is full, you must apply this process at any time.

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