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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Appeared First for Information

Galaxy A7 (2018) smart phones for both render images appeared appeared in both performance tests. How does phone series Galaxy A7 (2018)?

Samsung has this year an important change in the middle segment model is known to take steps. Along with the brand will change middle-class series, smart phones have systems to vie with the upper segment. A Smartphone is expected to be a highly successful series of renewed attention among the middle-class models is serial in Galaxy A7 (2018) model. 2018 is expected to be introduced in your phone, the current will have to vie with top segment series systems with the latest leak was a kind of final. Finally I tried to test the resulting detailed information of the phone.

Galaxy A7 (2018) will surprise with the amount of RAM memory

Galaxy A7 (2018) in the amount of memory the most noticeable part of the RAM. According to the results of smart phone I tried to test the amount of memory you will have 6 GB of RAM. 6 GB RAM memory in Samsung’s existing flagship smart phone does not even place a value.

Galaxy A7 (2018)

Apart from that, the processor section of the best IOS seems to be used a series of 7885. Exynos 7875 processor a product of 14 nm manufacturing process and successful as a processor 2 GHz values. Along with the CPU processor series brings financial and thought to be the best IOS G71 7885, Galaxy A7 (2018) will raise a lot of performance.

Galaxy A7 (2018)

The size of the screen that do not have any information about Galaxy A7 (2018) franchise, will make use of a single camera is back and will be a little thicker in the framework of forecast. Fingerprint sensor, which will take place in the back section of the new smartphone promotion at regular intervals until having certain expectations of the new property.

Galaxy A7 (2018) well-known Properties Summary

  • Exynos 7885 processor with 1.6 – 2.0 GHz speed value Financial-G71 CPU
  • 6 GB RAM memory
  • Single rear camera
  • Infinite display technology
  • Android Oreo operating system
  • Back cover Home

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