24.01.2016 23:24

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Can!

According to the information from Samsung, Galaxy after Galaxy A9 A9 Pro model. So what are the details about the Galaxy A9 Pro? That's what Galaxy A9 Pro details!

In the last days of 2015 Samsung Galaxy with a series of technology lovers A9 had managed to receive full marks. Also see their ads all the time in the last few days we are going to be a new model for a series of Samsung Galaxy Galaxy A9 A9 Pro model can be identified soon. So what about the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro model?

Here Is Information About The Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Model!

The information is correct Samsung Galaxy because, as the name implies the A9 Pro Galaxy A9 model will have a higher level features. The model number is Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro SM-A9100. According to the information from the first Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro 490-dollar price tag will meet only with the Chinese market.

Samsung Galaxy Galaxy A9 A9 Pro already according to its predecessor a higher battery capacity and estimated future together with screen resolution. In addition to this operating system version 5.1 to version of Android on the side instead of Android Galaxy hosting the A9 Lollipop 6.0 Marshmallow with a Galaxy A9 Pro is also seen as a high probability.

All came with Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro of this information and the accuracy of the predictions is not proven yet. In addition, all these are true even though Samsung is at the last moment on the product and sales strategy is the possibility of a change in the need not to be ignored. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro fate we all just have to wait and see.


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