26.01.2016 12:00

Samsung Galaxy S7 Spill Continues!

Galaxy S7 storm blowing at full throttle. Dırılmaya technical information belonging to the Galaxy S7 leak continues, you are all the rumors about the Galaxy S7 for one!

The latest version of the Samsung Galaxy series Admiral series Galaxy S7 aims to hit the market with the stamp. Will be introduced towards the end of February and is expected to be available by March a lot of advance for Galaxy S7 rumor started on the ears.

Galaxy S7 possible technical specifications

The nearest rival, in order to increase the competition with Apple won this day in which all experiences aimed at Samsung Galaxy S7, S6 series as shown in this product as the Galaxy Galaxy in S7 and S7 Plus takes the market with two different models is expected. 5.1 "and 5.5" screen size is the most crucial point, the phone is expected to be the strength of the water by increasing the water my property is scheduled to be met. Another feature is the iPhone that Apple produced corresponds to is probably one of the most simple and powerful weapon, the Micro SD card slot, support up to 256 GB Galaxy S7 series are made of a special conductor is expected to be doing. Limited to standard designs of the established Galaxy S7 most similar to Apple in points; the bottom of the phone is seen as the perforated design.

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