31.01.2016 22:19

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 estimated devices appeared in India. So what information about the Galaxy Tab S3? Here's all the details!

Samsung side at the moment is expected to be introduced next month agenda Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. But Samsung, although protected defensively when the background Galaxy Tab of the new members of the family on the one hand.

India Appeared in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3!

The upper level is expected to be the Tablet and Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S3 estimated India's import and export the devices used for the first time in the database named tracking Zauba listed. Two different screen size from 8-inch models listed with SM-T719, 9.7-inch model is listed with model number SM-T813.

The model number is Samsung's Galaxy Tab when looking at the similar model numbers are listed with S2 to take place if these devices reinforces the possibility that the Galaxy Tab S3. Samsung Galaxy Tab Q3 are estimated to be sent to India is the purpose of these devices devices is estimated to be the introduction of a variety of tests.

Samsung Galaxy Tab when looking at the predicted characteristics of S3 's predecessor according to higher-capacity battery Galaxy Tab S2, 4 GB RAM, Super AMOLED display and probably the best IOS 7420 processor is expected. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 I don't know much about known for now. In the coming days, the new information about the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the S3 you'll continue to transfer.

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