13.02.2016 21:27

Samsung Gear S2 Update Released

Samsung's new S2 users happy Gear! What's changed in Q2 Samsung Gear? Samsung Gear's going to make the new features look S2 padding.

Samsung Gear S2 smart clock? So if you want to look at the clock, it's time to update, you can see the OTA (over the air). This update offers extensive innovations.

Samsung Gear S2 Update Contains What?

Samsung smart clock made a comprehensive update to the full S2 Gear 92 MB. This update has not added any new applications, functional and performance upgrades. Samsung said the application would be three more new owners: World Clock (world clock), News Briefing (News Summaries) and ESPN. A world famous sports channel ESPN that belong to an application. Güncellemedeki other innovations is the place search function, clock face showing unread notifications, screen timeout setting, display and keyboard the Bluetooth connection is dropped when warning emoji entry. These updates can oversee Samsung Gear Sets, Gear on that clock wise About S2, Gear software update options respectively follow. With the update was prepared by world famous Italian designer Mendini floor Alessondro clock face are also added. Mendini floor, making the Groninger Museum as well as numerous yellow tower designs are also recognized.