Samsung Gear VR Compatible Phones

Samsung Gear VR is a mobile virtual reality gadget developed with Samsung and Oculus partnership. Samsung Gear VR aims to provide the most effective virtual reality experience for smartphone users. You can bring your virtual reality experience to life by placing your smart mobile phone into Gear VR, your mobile virtual reality goggle. But to do that you need to have at least one of the Gear VR compatible phones. Otherwise you will not be able to adapt to your Gear VR phone and you will not benefit from the possibilities offered by the virtual reality goggle.

The Gear VR, the virtual reality goggle that Samsung first unpacked in 2014, was launched into the market in December 2014. The first version, Gear VR, went on the market with the name “First Innovator Edition” and was only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device.

The second version, named “Second Innovator Edition,” which was put on the market in March 2015, comes with a few minor changes from the first version. In addition, Gear VR compatible phones increased with the second version. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge models are also beginning to be supported with this release. With this development, new phones have also joined Gear VR compatible phones.

With the actual release of the Samsung Gear VR, Samsung has learned a lot from its previous product lineups. First of all, it is necessary to say that this version is 19% lighter than the displacement put on the market before itself and it supports more devices and works more harmoniously. So what are the phones that are compatible with this new Gear VR?

Adding innovative devices to the list of phones compatible with Gear VR, Samsung unfortunately does not support the Galaxy Note 4, which was supported in the first release. So while the older version Gear VR supports Galaxy Note 4, the new version Gear VR does not have Galaxy Note 4 compatibility.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, which was introduced in August 2017, is not listed on the current Gear VR compatible phones list. So Galaxy Note 8 is not compatible with the following Gear VR models. According to the information obtained, Samsung is preparing a new version of Gear VR for Galaxy Note 8.

Gear VR Compatible Phones

Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung Galaxy S8+(Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus)

Samsung Galaxy S7

samsung galaxy s7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

samsung galaxy s7 edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

samsung galaxy note 5

Samsung Galaxy S6

samsung galaxy s6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

samsung galaxy s6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

samsung galaxy s6 edge plus

Gear VR Compatible Samsung model list:

Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6 edge
Galaxy S6 edge +
Galaxy S7
Galaxy S7 edge
Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8 + (Galaxy S8 Plus)
Galaxy Note 5



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