18.12.2015 09:11

Samsung Introduces New 128 GB Capacity MicroSD Card!

Samsung's new Pro Plus series microSD card is extremely fast and extremely durable. Here is the new Samsung microSD card price and features our news.

One of the world's largest smartphone manufacturer Samsung is also the world's leading manufacturers of microSD card. The world's leading microSD card manufacturer Samsung, the day before the Pro Plus series 128 GB microSD card officially announced. Before Samsung, Pro Plus series 32 GB and 64 GB models worked on the new 128 GB model in the previous models and characters.

Here's Samsung Pro Plus 128 GB MicroSD Card Properties!

128 GB Samsung Pro Plus 95 MB/s read speed and maximum write speeds of 90 MB. Naturally, Samsung, the new card is the best use of modern smart phones will put out and will be 4 k recording capability for digital cameras. Samsung Pro Plus, an addition to this extreme transfer rates in extreme heat, water and even X-Rays can resist even.

Interestingly, Samsung's impressive 128 GB microSD card, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy 2015 model S6 S6, Galaxy S6 edge + and Galaxy Note 5 such models, because it does not have a microSD card slot will not be available. But recent rumor Samsung's new microSD card Samsung Pro Plus, and identify at least one will be an excellent alternative for the Galaxy while remaining S7.

Samsung's quick and durable new microSD card Samsung Pro Plus, $199 price tag. This price, how will it affect the interest to the card we all just have to wait and see.

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