29.12.2015 20:16

Samsung Smart Rings!

Samsung is planning a new wearable product. Samsung's new plan is a smart ring! Here's Samsung's smart ring details!

Wearable technology, which we refer to as new trend increases the number of products each day. Smart clock smart smart smart bracelet, clasp even when you say socks and now Samsung by smart ring is being released. as we enter the year 2016, the emergence of this technology of 2016 will be technologically seems to be indication of how a year.

Samsung, smart phones, TVs and home automation systems in a variety of properties for you to check directly with your finger is a smart new ring so it's probably a smart ring is preparing to implement.

Samsung Smart ring of Patent also!

Samsung, smart phone can detect control smart rings are estimated to be in line with the plan for a ring. This is probably in the following patent Visual ring ring;  TV, radio, curtains and lights as the sine qua non of the houses we can tell you can control your stuff.




Samsung's new smart ring what name and what date will come out is unknown. But judging by the developments in the emergence of this information doesn't look too far.

Smart Ring Competition Kızışacak

Smart ring except for Apple, Microsoft, Samsung has about Google's pioneering technology companies, such as the work continues. Big companies will get smart a large ring of Samsung will give a real can estimate the importance. Apparently we're going to see a smart ring everyone very soon.