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Skype Blue Screen Problem How To Solve?

Skype users, Skype blue screen problem solution. What about Skype blue screen problem how to solve? Here's the solution to Skype blue screen problem!

Skype is the world's most widely used messaging application today. The use of mobile desktop platforms more widespread than Skype, Microsoft's support carries on his back. Mobile platforms, while led by WhatsApp stand-alone desktop platforms, Skype, a leading figure. If you need to return the principal to the subject; in this paper, we give you a common problem in Skype Skype program blue screen how to solve the problem, we're going to tell you with all the details.

Skype Blue Screen Problem Solution

  • First Run start. Run the application, you can start with the Windows logo key + R shortcut.
  • In the run window type%ProgramData%SkypeApps and the free space available on the Ok button or press Enter.
  • Name of the file called "Login" in the window that opens "Login1".
  • Then the C:Program Files (x 86) located in Skype folder.
  • Enter phone folder.
  • Phone located in the folder, right-click the .exe file for skype.
  • Send drop-down options menu > select desktop (create shortcut).
  • Start the Skype from the shortcut on your desktop that occur.

If these methods do not work, download and run on your computer, ComboFix or Adwcleaner programs, Skype, you can solve the problem of blue screen.

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