29.10.2017 01:12

Snapdragon appeared in the promotion’s history for 845

The promotion of the new Snapdragon processor with 845 banner images appeared. Snapdragon 845 model will be introduced when? Properties?

Snapdragon 845

Mobile processor technology in the foundation stone as one of the Snapdragon series, updating with new models every year. New series of smartphones as the flagship processor within the model as far as we know the series, finally Snapdragon 835 model processors mobile sat on the agenda of the world. Since the introduction of the Snapdragon 835 model to scrutinize new processor series Snapdragon is slowly starting to make clarity 845. Mobile will be the new flagship of the world Snapdragon 845 series for the promotion of the information from the last.

Snapdragon 845 When David?

2018 will be introduced in the flagship Smartphone is expected to be the processor Snapdragon appeared in banner, this time Visual 845. Introduction of mobile processors in December, according to the banner that indicates how to handle Snapdragon 845, 4-8 will be introduced to the range. 2018 during the use of the processor is seen prior to the year of course will have the year of 2018.

Snapdragon 845

Will give first place to the model 845 already Snapdragon processor would be as the General thought Galaxy S9 began to emerge. In fact, the entire first book even has alleged by Samsung of production. Probably virtual reality and artificial intelligence details of important steps will be taken when it comes to processors will be able to see in December. Qualcomm and Huawei, how much will be successful how to resist opponents like Apple have to wait and see.

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