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SOMA Messenger, but did you try?

Whatsapp, Line, Viber eclipsed new applications like an application. Name SOMA Messenger. So what you know about your SOMA Messenger?

Whatsapp, communication addresses our needs so far, was one of the best applications we use. Especially when no one can take his place in the messaging app. But when I saw this SOMA Messenger can change your mind. Simple Optimized Messaging App (Optimized Simple Messaging application) so this is the abbreviation of SOMA, prepared for the purpose of communicating globally FREE, high-quality displays, voice conversation in groups and a messaging application. Turkish language support included with SOMA Messenger, Turkey began to be popular in other European countries.

fastest_Turkish groupvideo_Turkish videocall_Turkish

So what's the difference from other applications SOMA Messenger?

  •  FREE high-quality video and voice calls in groups
  • The fastest, most secure and satisfying user experience

Globally positioned several different location servers strategically SOMA Messenger, can offer a faster service from other applications. To make a video or voice call in a group is all that is required is an internet network.

  • the Group calls for up to 500 participants

SOMA Messenger to call a single group, a far greater number of all other services, allows up to 500 participants and ekleyebilmenize. This property of businesses, governmental organizations, students, sports teams and fans and is ideal for groups of the society. SOMA Messenger now offers the most populous group chat is possible.

  • Simplicity

It's so easy that even your grandmother can use it. The communication tools you need at your fingertips.

We talked about everything what happens to our message if we use an application so fast we don't charge if you are asking how the purpose of application to request free, Data (data), not things like make money by showing Ads. Because SOMA Messenger just globalization is an application that allows everyone to make the job easier.

In addition, your chat history and post your content stored on your device only. 

We guarantee your stay and appreciate the speed of data! Good chats;) 


Program to download: Android |   IOS

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