22.02.2016 13:59

Sony introduces the Xperia Ear voice Assistant!

MWC by 2016, Sony has introduced the new product, voice Assistant Xperia Ear. So what is Xperia Ear and how it is used? Here's the Xperia Ear use and details.

What we see in many science fiction films in the age of voice Assistant technology today is no longer popular. Put yourself in a voice Assistant technology, Sony, Xperia Ear. The only sounds when the Xperia Ear plugs, ear wirelessly to the phone.


When the connection is your device that weather, social media news, from missed calls and messages to you. 150,000 of the voice command, voice mails when internet search Xperia Ear, can do, can and can write a message for directions.

Turkish language support who may or may not be, thanks to the Xperia Ear, Bluetooth can connect your Android devices. Open your phone xperia Ear instead of looking at continuous use of all your information you receive from your headset. The release date is expected in the summer a great acclaim from the Xperia Ear now.


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