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Sony Rewards With Successful Players Will Be Rewarded

Sony Rewards reward system emerged. How Sony Rewards reward system work? Users will be able to get financial income? How many points will be how many dollars?

Sony Rewards

The game is one of the most effective companies in the world of Sony, the leading position in the field of the game console. PS4 console also has firmed its lead after the Pro are the firm, the answer to Microsoft’s Xbox One X consoles is stated in software will be issued. PS5 to support piping of output from game consoles, will be a little late, Sony’s take completely different as expected. One of these steps was the Sony Rewards reward system. According to a statement by  Sony Rewards in-game performance gain with translate you.

Earning Money With Sony Rewards Period

When you get in the games receive as pay of financial performance. After the performance the players hands given mugs out of the points to be translated. After a while the game trophies of scores can be translated into cash. To do this, Sony Rewards points of ratings it was announced at the Cup. The ratings are as follows;

  • Platinum Trophies: 100 points
  • Gold Cup: 10 points
  • Silver trophy: 1 point
Sony Rewards

This is to be translated as minimum money of points 1000 points you’re going to have to win. Sony Rewards is 1000 points you will get in for $10. Of course, that the money earned will be available in the PSN account again. In this way you will have the chance to receive free games. Sony Rewards reward system currently only applies in America. No explanation for the European countries.

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