20.12.2015 17:46

Steam This Weekend in Opportunities!

Steam this weekend has included three in game discount opportunity. Steam weekend discount rates games and details in our news!

The world's most common digital gaming store as every week the Steam platform, this week gave them a discount on the weekend. Steam as you know better than the boxed games games we at affordable prices. This weekend, entered the games and accessories on sale!

sword coast legend

Sword Coast Legends

The in-game mechanics attracts attention with the Sword Coast Legends game, by managing different realm in Luskan's group we're trying to stay alive. RPG is a game in which the Sword Coast Legends fascinates the eyes with advanced graphics. 50% discount in steam entering the game with $42.50 instead of $85.00 Steam takes its place in the weekend in opportunity.


Call Of Duty-Black Ops III

Developed by Treyarch, Activision is publishing the FPS type made by the game, the events of October 27, 2065, Jacob Hendricks has a hostage rescue operation in Ethiopia. 25% discount on steam entered in the game instead of $179.00 134.25 TL with Steam in the weekend opportunity in its place.


Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal-Space Program

Simulation of a space program that has its own Space Program, Kerbal players offers the possibility of making space tools. In order the entire solar system, instead of a world on the possibility of discovering manages to attract attention with. 40% discount in steam entering the game with $35.40 instead of Steam's $59.00 weekend opportunities.

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