09.02.2016 02:31

The Market Is Being A Little Earlier!

The new Samsung blu-ray. Those who want to watch the movie at a resolution of 4 k K8500 Samsung UBD-Samsung fans will be happy with their new blu-ray device looks like.

Samsung's first Ultra HD 4 k K8500, UBD-Blu-ray released a little earlier than expected. For the first time in last year's IFA announcement will take place on the shelves around the device was introduced in March. However, some of the news that some stores already stock blu-ray player and interested in customers who pre-order before 10 February will be the cargo of reportedly told. According to a Facebook share, a store in Santa Monica on Friday, the same day the device went on sale and advertise.

Samsung UBD-K8500 Immediately Available?

Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD 4 k Blu-ray to Blu-ray player, why the history of its forward market was taken as no idea anyone, especially not in a hurry to catch the 4 k content. A lot of movie studio movies in the new format will be released duyursa also can be used across the country for the moment whether or not clear. Martian and Kigsmen: The Secret Service films like Amazon's pre-order list, while just over before the end of the year, while many movies scheduled and tentative release dates.

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