31.01.2016 23:10

The new Audi Q2 in Geneva Makeover!

Audi SUV to strengthen his hand with the model in Q2. So Audi Q2? There will be introduced in Geneva Audi Q2-related features and visuals!

Audi SUV looking to spice things up a bit more in the Audi Q3 's younger brother is preparing the World Premiere of the Audi Q2 to Geneva. Kamufilajlı captured on camera before Audi Q2 foreign images also were showcased.

Here is the Audi Q2 Properties and details of the Images!

On the lines of Audi's traditional Audi Q2, thanks to its very sharp lines and muscular sportiness highlighting. Volkswagen Group MQB platform shares the same platform with tools that use the A3. The future of the standard front-wheel-drive vehicle and base model 1.4 tfsi turbocharged engine is estimated to be used. Thanks to this engine in a low motor tax zone to benefit from premium advantage of course Turkey market this car will bring the advantageous position against other competitors. But it does not stop its competitors, too.

Audi is the upper-class models in Q2 quattro all-wheel-drive 4 wheel traction system, the future is almost certain. What happens in our country of the Audi Q2 price for now we can't say for sure, but it will most likely be priced between Q3 and Q1.

Audi in Q1 Q2 's younger brother, Turkey will be in 2016. Audi Q2 for those wondering what the time is going up for sale Audi Q2 's likely to be the first in our country in the year 2017. Of course company policies may change at any time not to mention that too.

Audi wondered of images in Q2:

Audi-q2-geneva-2 audi_q2_geneva_3 audi_q2_geneva-1


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