18.12.2015 17:09

The new Model is Samsung Galaxy Note 5 released!

Samsung, the new favorite Galaxy Note released a new model for 5. So what's changed in the new Galaxy Note 5 model? Here is the new Galaxy Note 5 details.

Samsung phablet Galaxy in August launched the 5 model took Note. But Galaxy Note 5 other Galaxy Note series had a property that does not. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 memory card cannot be inserted and so users Galaxy Note 5 ' have to make do with the area of internal storage.

Samsung, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge models 128 GB internal storage, while the Galaxy Note 5 model with 64 GB storage space that have restricted and negative reactions from users. Samsung will realize that new Galaxy Note 5 to increase the internal storage element in the field in the new model is gone.

128 GB of Storage Facilities new Galaxy Note 5 Model Delivers!

Samsung's "Galaxy Note 5 Winter Special '' new Galaxy Note 5 model;  Gold Platinum and silver titanium color options available in South Korea currently only with. The price of the new Galaxy Note 5 model is about $850, respectively.

Not be available in our country yet and 128 GB internal storage area Galaxy Note 5 Winter Special model, especially by users who require high storage will collect the admiration. New Galaxy Note 5 of the model is exposed for sale in Turkey is not yet a sunulmayacağına information is not shared.

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