30.01.2016 22:18

The third Apple Store Location announced!

Apple is preparing to open the third Apple Store in the Turkey. So where will the third Apple Store? Here's the third Apple Store location and all the details!

Apple, your first Apple Store in Turkey in the year 2014. Zorlu Center on the European side of Istanbul is the first Apple Store in the second Apple Store had opened in the Anatolian side while Acacia AVM. As soon as Apple users in Turkey ever since to be the center of attention due to the excessive demand in stores Apple Store appointments and dates too far sometimes could even make it impossible to make an appointment. Seeing this, Apple, Apple Store, so the decision to open the Turkey's third Apple Store.

Here's the third Apple Store's Place in Turkey and details!

Apple users in order to meet the needs of more quickly will open the third Apple Store's location is not yet under construction and the second Apple Store located on the Anatolian side, such as Emaar Square, respectively. But Emaar Square by yet a third with a description of the Apple Store yet. Emaar Square construction is to be completed in 2016 and many stores, including the Apple Store, is expected to serve with.



The Turkey foreign technology media's third album, make your first Apple Store in December we saw Apple's career page.  Let's see if the third Apple Store, Apple users in Turkey can meet the needs and demand?

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