20.12.2015 16:27

The White House Never seen quite like this!

Preparations for Christmas in the White House, continues at full speed. Here is the support of the White House's preparations for new year's Eve, published on YouTube VR!

The United States, the official residence of the famous management building and Barack Obama is in the White House, new year's Eve preparations continue at full speed. This willing to share with people the White House preparations for the management of the technology is taking advantage of the final velocity.

360 Degree White House YouTube Follow Through!

For the first time this year by the White House the White House virtually to watch YouTube on VR-sponsored video. The White House's Christmas preparations, this video is the best way to view VR I mean virtual reality equipment and took the video to 3D mode with your 4 k resolution you need to track. But don't worry if you don't have a VR device. Located on YouTube video over 360 degrees, you can navigate within the routing key.

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