24.12.2015 00:19

Thomas Has Found A New Facebook Developer Gap!

The Facebook before he found a new Turkish musician who found Facebook vulnerability. What about the new Facebook is the gap? Here is the new Facebook deficit details!

More than 1 billion on Earth with a new open found on Facebook. The deficit is the one who found the giant platform like Facebook and before the FBI discovered the Turkish developer Amry. Amry, shared your own profile Facebook vulnerability found.


Facebook Profiles For People Who Are Sharing The So-called Contract!

Amry's profile in the mbasic.facebook.com users who are clicking on the link sharing is being driven and "to address your request. Your account will be closed according to Berner in 2 days Convention. "they meet with. However, this article doesn't mean the truth, completely Amry's Facebook using the same vulnerability to an article he wrote.


Amry's reason for Facebook to use this way vulnerability found users recently, profiles, "according to Berner Convention" because they are a complete fabrication dayanaklandırılan contract was the actual broadcast.

People who click on the link if it is a simple way to closing of accounts open. Share this on Facebook posts and occupied this post with your firewall if you want to get revenge on the people that will be exactly what you're looking for revenge on the link tool. Until Facebook until you close this deficit. Let's see what time that Facebook found vulnerability of Amry will be closed?

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