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Turkcell, 10 thousand students with Writing the future!

Turkcell, Turkey with the team of the future, Yota! Future Yota team meets with college students and the future of new Yorke is born!

Turkcell's Future Yota team with "Future Writers College Educations" activity has ended. Mobile application development, the transfer of knowledge and experience of students organized for the purpose of these tutorials, in the province of Turkey's 81 and 104 universities in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and has reached more than 10,000 students. In order to provide education to university students set out Future Yota team left behind the full 125 thousand kilometers way.

Future Writers College Educations

Academics also received training from Yota Future

"Future Writers College Educations", training periods in the future who visited the University monthly average of 10 Yota team joined more than 10,000 students in their education. Computer engineering, computer and instructional technologies education, electrical engineering, in many areas, including computer programming students illuminates the future of Turkcell Yota team, students ' development the first steps to the world helped in throwing. In total more than 1000 hours during which students face-to-face instruction not only that Future students academics and Writers team, also shared their experiences.

The most up-to-date information about the world of software and technology are given in the "Future Writers University Training" to improve mobile application for students within the scope of application development training was given. Application development training students with sample applications by following the step by step strengthened. Application development and developed in the wake of publication of the application-related training, "Akman & the future" a member of the students who complete achievement exams is entitled to the documents.

A Confidential Letter To The Future How To Join?

Anyone who wants to join the team of "Future Writers" https://gelecegiyazanlar.turkcell.com.tr's future as a member from Yota to offer training, development and consultancy of the team are a lot easier on the source as you can and free mobile apps, web programming and development of the internet of objects in the world of the most updated technologies they can be informed first-hand. In the future if Social responsibility project camp Yota readers taught thousands of pages of documents, many different technology and video.

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