01.01.2016 11:09

Turkey Showed the computer Market in Decline!

According to data released by IDC Turkey's computer market in decline. So IDC published data? Turkey's computer market data at work!

Global information and communication Communication Technologies consulting and sales research firm IDC last he had data of 2015 2. Turkey in the quarter compared to the same time last year, the computer market is a serious decline in this country and that is why in the ongoing social and political fuss. IDC published the results of 41.6% on a yearly base of Turkey computer market and declined at a rate of 41.3% last quarter reached 356,741 units.

Recently the computer Market in Turkey?

IDC Turkey is responsible for the system and infrastructure market in Senior Research Analyst Ayse Kaptanoglu "computer market of the year 2. quarter of the many Social, economic and political reasons influenced in a negative way. "commented." Very high exchange rate imbalance, market stock, ongoing political instability and the period of Ramadan coincided with the summer holiday market led to a serious decline. All these obstacles in the coming period, in vague terms, totally going to and from öngere. This is a double-digit decline all year basis could live signal to the market. "

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