19.01.2016 15:21

Twitter Is Down?

Unable to access popular social media platform Twitter. So Twitter is down? That's starting in the morning to access details about the challenge on Twitter!

Popular with millions of active social networking platform Twitter is experiencing difficulties in access since the early morning hours today. Occasionally unable to access right now that can access the site again. Turkey is not only a shortage of access to Twitter in all across the globe.

BTK: No Barrier to access to Twitter!

Turkey experienced access users crunch in information and communication technologies authority (ICTA) by Twitter because he figured that might have prevented. However, the BTK later in this topic in a statement not to any court ruling on the barrier on Twitter and said that if it comes to the status of such a barrier.

Search again for access to Twitter when providing, accessibility barrier for users where no VPN services to different countries on the IPS and try logging in to Twitter through Twitter they don't succeed at the entrance.

Such a slump that the millions of users on Twitter is social media users to live condition is undoubtedly causing concern to some sort of. Let's see how long this access problem on Twitter is all going to be okay? All together have to wait and see.

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