18.02.2016 09:36

VR Is The Ancestor Of Your Glasses-Teknofakir

Teknofakir to our program called we're inflicted between a comedy. Teknofakir the first part of the program, examined the product of the ancestor of the VR glasses.

As a family we are a new program Technolat.com. Program name is Teknofakir as already determined. Teknofakir customers to technological products in the program and sometimes atmosphere with State-of-the-art products that had nothing to do with taking. Teknofakir as the main characters of the program you will cover the Dowel, drill and Vicious.

The First Part Teknofakir Program!

Because of the very long slate, but we didn't find a break shooting the intensity Teknofakir we publish today the first of the program's video. Teknofakir a lot of people in this first video of actually knows and pilgrimage brought as gifts from acquaintances will examine a product. We do not set up this product currently technology agenda that we called the ancestor of virtual-reality glasses.

Teknofakir is the first video of the program this section welcomes you to intensive technology agenda and leaving in the shadow of the cross-a comedy of everyday life are inflicted. Teknofakir all feedback related to Teknofakir by passing in your contributions to the development of.

That's what we're for, "VR is the ancestor of your glasses" is and a little amateurish video of that review of the Teknofakir!

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