26.01.2016 02:52

Watch out for Trapped New on Facebook!

Facebook users are faced with a new trap! What about the new Facebook trap? To keep from falling into the trap of the new Facebook what do you need done?

Several groups or opened on Facebook pages attempts to fool people somehow don't quit. Facebook users also opened to fool people with this type of group or do they say, making the pages and unfortunately they meet dirty face of social media.

Free İnternet on Facebook bought it!

Drop-on Facebook and still completely fool people for a group in a very short time about 1 million has reached the number of a serious member. So how do these type of groups can reach numbers so serious? The answer is actually very simple. Thanks to you! Free internet method that claimed this group is a video share this video shows how the Internet is said to be the supposedly free.


Facebook group is in the browser console, all shared when entered a code that adds the Group shared your buddy list. By entering this code will win you a free internet Facebook users into this dirty trap all of your friends. So a desire to see the code for free internet Facebook user instead of a friend list at his own request without being aware of all these free internet pulled into the trap. The number of members of the group such that when you become in a very short time is approaching 1 million.

Although we have come to the year 2016 Facebook users of social media platforms like Twitter, I'm afraid this type of trap is still bleeding. Social media users and that too for this type of trap according to the number of other social media platforms, including Facebook platform, a greater number of both themselves and their circle of friends is more conscious to be lowered to trap seems essential.


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