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We did it Last year with Sefa Doganay Interview!

Pratigya Turkey 2011 champion of the year and day by day we did a nice interview with a recognized Sefa Doganay. Here is our interview Sefa Doganay!

Turkey in the 2011 Pratigya Turkey recognizes the tv-program, and since then constantly improving yourself, a smile on the face of the people attempting to establish a name Sefa Doganay. Sefa Doganay, Talent and social media in this process frequently, after Turkey and manages to establish a good relationship with his followers.

We are social media so often and we did a nice interview with Sefa Doganay that uses in-place. That’s what we do in our interview with Sefa Doganay; social media, technology, and education in the areas we’ve been looking for answers to questions we ask.

Here’s Our Interview Sefa Doganay!


One of the celebrities who use social media too often. Your use of social media so often?

-Social media in the last period to make it the most used media means of communication by people who like eating out, television now that social media has turned to Twitter, instagram, etc. Consequently, these media are followers, number of followers, most of the fan base also uses social media I’m out that people did innovations, tours, I joined my shows, television so on behalf of my profession, programs on behalf of all kinds of art as a present my Öztürk said. That’s why I use social media frequently.

Well, most Twitter, are you using Instagram?

-I’m using the Twitter Instagramı too frequently. But I’m not going to a 65% percentile number if I use Twitter 35% Instagram.

Instagram have in types. The most reveçta thing Neriman Sis want to tell me something about it?

-Yes. Golden days are hosted by a character called the haunt we have Neriman Sister. Participating in the golden days of mom’s so non-guests the day but we have our neighbor aunt aunt who included. Neriman Sis; is someone still, aunt of one of the sisters, one so everyone could find something with a character himself. That’s why he loved. Videos of 10 thousand, twenty thousand tastes. Fan pages are opened, fans. This made me very happy. So maybe the continuity of this character in a movie, maybe we can enlarge ad film can provide, with the character, I think. Neriman Sis that I made there many types in Instagram outside. Normally I’m going I’m doing stand-up comedy on stage. Stand-ups ı m d a I’m using this type of characters other than the imitation. Stand-ups ı m 20 minutes, famous characters rest 1 hour, 1 hour 20 minutes is the amount of time such as a stand-up, telling in the form of stories from everyday life. Therefore a separate taste was a different color.

Vine? What are your thoughts on the vine?

-Vine am. I have install videos on instagram 6 second version I share in many of the Vine. There’s a beautiful mass of his own vine. Contacted through social media as much as possible, my voice duyurabildiğim I’m trying to get to everyone. Because, what I do as long as it’s not a special project a to be on tv too much. On stage, the audience for an event that goes on in live stand-up, television is a very different event. The television program, as long as it’s not a talk show I did in essence theatrical game. Stand-up is the only person in the audience and on stage, whether it is off and finished between. That’s why it’s also things people worry about us here, too much in what we do when we’re not on tv, what kind of activities showed that we have. He gave a modicum of information about the content. I already have my site sefadoganay.com and my own official Youtube Channel got Sandeep DoğanayTUBE lest there at the same time I put videos in Instagram, indoors I do demonstrations assembled into short videos de YouTube they can watch the channel.

Takipçilerinizle often interact is going on?

-Of course. I mean, that’s a lot of comments. Four thousand to 3 thousand under a video, comment comes from. All I’m trying to read as much as I can. I’m trying to answer as much as possible. But there’s a condition when you answer and say, can break your followers that you can’t answer the other. That’s why I’m trying to respond to everyone as much as possible or I can’t keep up with anybody. Because no one breaking. It’s really fun and in the video below that air of people that label each other in themselves and this age and I don’t want things that you obviously.

Are you using social media more mobile over?

-Yes, I’m using via mobile.

So, you use the mobile platform? Android it iOS?

-I’ve been using iOS 9.

So can you use your Smartphone like a computer? For example, the interface is simple iOS daily internet can use in their work, and that’s why in humans. Word, excel has functions such as applications on your device do you use? Android devices towards?

-Certainly I’m using. I need to write any mail, or I can’t think of a story that had at that moment, a moment I experienced them and going to tell the stage forming the basis of that story has a few little, status. Now I’m opening Word in a situation like this, there’s a little sketch I’m writing a story or something then I’m having to clear myself scribbling. It’s very important to me. Voice recording immediately, except that what I write now I met this guy, for instance by taking, I met a character disguised his moment, his soul, and then making a voice recording like him know that I can hold more vivid story.

Other albums. In the East, went before a city? There is no such option?

-After a 2nd half of 2016 Eastern Anatolia tour. But right now there’s nothing definitive. I’m going to go to the four corners of Turkey. I went to many places. I went to Mardin.

How does interest against you there?

-Very nice. Where do we go in Turkey, looking AB stood by us at all. That’s why every man in every square-face smile vatanımın able to create whatever I have, I can go where I’m going before you say snow in winter summer spring.

However, the very good points. Especially Rich with kıyaslanıyordunuz. In fact, right now you’re in a more and more popular in social media, it’s more my intern. The opportunity to meet with rich little? What are your thoughts on this topic?

-We know each other. He is already the first date the competition has been always support me, blah blah in the period. He took the idea, mind. The fewer people who will be screened in this finger if one of them is itself Rich master, always … Cem Yilmaz is my role model, Ata likewise a little more gloriously close to itself. I like it a lot, at the period of the contest with the Tweet vs. thanks to the support he showed every time. Within this sector, very few people who support each other. I felt my master support intimate way so I would like to thank them all.

Nearby you will find a tv show idea?

-At the moment I’m at NTV new year’s Eve. We took a beautiful Christmas program on NTV. Also there that I wrote myself, non-famous character in Instagram and sketches. Therefore, both songs and sketches are done very nice shots. I hope you’ll see if you watch.

Finally, you read the Business Administration Department of Marmara University. What grade are you?

-Marmara University 5th year. Of course when I say work, touring etc. power thus became a little my interfere with school. But you know, I go weak for exam school prolongation is not girememem at all the exams, note. So, for example, is equivalent to tour and hence I exam period, out of town or I can’t because I’m abroad exams and school is failing. I intend to finish this year. In this process, and I’m trying to lose weight to my school as much as possible.

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