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What is ACT in Technology and How the ACT Works Volkswagen?

Volkswagen in the ACT technology? ACT how does it work? ACT system how much fuel saving? All of this for you, in this paper, we have gathered together.

As you know now about the fuel efficiency of car firms all kinds of way to move a step forward. One of them is one of Volkswagen's developing technology ACT technology. So let's see together what it means to ACT.

ACT Technology, what is it and how does it work?

ACT technology or other with the name of the Active cylinder management as a technical with 4-cylinder exhaust turbo charger overload with fed 16-valve engines 2. and 3. the cylinder by turning off the fuel is intended to provide a contribution to the economy. 130 km per hour speed and 1,250 4,000 with d/d in cases where you do not demand excessive force ACT between system comes into play. I, exhaust and intake valve that control the excentric shaft makes a point by sliding the 0 degree and at the same time fuel injection and ignition of the spark plug.

When the ACT system torque 250 N. m drops to 100 from n. m. You step on your feet now ACT out of the disabled in milliseconds, the maximum torque again system 0.11. It seems like this is impossible to understand the amount of time.

Thanks to all of them with the ACT technology average 16% less fuel consumption can be achieved (NEDC 0.4 l/100 km according to the norms of lower consumption).

All these are the future of how us can develop yield technology tip. Who knows what we will hear. Cebimizden going to take less money to come more than most of the technologies our wish.

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