24.02.2016 17:40

Xiaomi Mi 4S Officially introduced!

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, released in 2014 It Xiaomi 4 caught a pretty good sales. As a result of the healing and updates Xiaomi, Mi 4S's. That's It Xiaomi 4S features and details.

Chinese manufacturer's new flagship before introducing It Xiaomi 5 Xiaomi Mi 4S's. Smartphone market want to continue at the same rate the experience winning Xiaomi.

Over the past year, with a sale of 4, It Xiaomi perfect pulled 15 million. Xiaomi Mi 4 ' e improvements and updates It Xiaomi 4S by making lasting market as firm as price and performance will make a nice presentation.

Xiaomi Mi 4S Properties

5 inch Full HD resolution IPS screen is Xiaomi Mi 4S, 441 ppi offers an ambitious with screen. 64-bit power of Snapdragon 808 will than Xiaomi Mi 4S will be accompanied to 3 GB RAM.

7.8 mm thickness and weighs 139 grams of metal frame and glass in which It Xiaomi 4S will come in the form of the back panel.

13 megapixels rear 5 megapixel front camera with LED flash, auto-focus on the device with Duotone and phase detection features.


Xiaomi Mi 4S, 64 GB internal memory with MicroSD support can be increased but will come up with.

3260 mAh battery it will feed It Xiaomi 4S also on the rear panel will have read a fingerprint sensor.

Xiaomi Mi 4S will have features that the other is USB Type C, dual sim card, infrared sensors and 4 g LTE support.

Will come with the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallows Xiaomi Mi 4S, MIUI 7.0 interface will be in front of us with

There's going to be on sale in China on March 1, Xiaomi Mi 4S, black, gold, white and pink colors, and you will be presented with a price tag of $260.

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