23.10.2017 18:15

Xperia XZ Premium Receives Android Oreo Update

The Xperia XZ Premium Android Oreo update has begun to be distributed. Is the Xperia XZ Premium Android Oreo updated?

Xperia XZ Premium Android Oreo

For some of Sony’s smartphones, the future of the Android Oreo update has been announced over the past few months. The criticism was that the listing posted by Sony was rather limited, and that update support would come to specific models. But Sony has entered into an update action that will answer these criticisms. The brand has released the expected Android Oreo update for the Xperia XZ Premium model, while still working on competing companies updates. The update comes with many surprises.

Xperia XZ Premium Android What Will Oreo Offer?

The Xperia XZ Premium Android Oreo update brings all Android Oreo features to smartphones in the first place. Apart from that, we see that Sony has added its own changes to the Xperia XZ Premium models after the new update. Let’s look at these changes.

Xperia XZ Premium 3D Creator: The first innovation incorporates the phone scanning system. With the feature we saw in the XZ1 models, users can scan any object they want in 3D. You can also record these scans visually.

Voice enhancements have been made: In addition to this, I noticed that a special sound improvement was made with the Xperia XZ Premium update. Sony and Qualcomm, both making improvements in speaker sound, have announced that they are enhancing their headphone performance with aptX HD technology.

Camera Improvements: Another change that comes with the Xperia XZ Premium update is in the camera section. Now when the camera is turned on, the phone will automatically capture a smile and take pictures automatically. In addition, the moving image retention system has been renewed.

Indicate that the update is starting to be distributed to the region.

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